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Dear Valued Guest,

 Welcome to GM Doc Let Beach spa.

 GM Doc Let Spa - The paradise of the senses. Here is the fairy space in the real life, the rustic view in the complex world, the mediation place in the present life. Coming to spa, you will enter a completely different world, where you will listen to the gentle melody, breathe the fresh air of the countryside, there comes the slightly sweet fragrance, where you can enjoy its peacefulness, soft flavor of the tea, a relaxation of the soul and especially all of your body will be of total relaxation to the cherry way through the massage movements performed in a harmonious way by the professional therapist staff. 

The diversity in design and creation is showed in the ability of endless adaptation to the local culture of this region to rejuvenate and refresh the energy. The therapists will take you on a journey full of interesting experiences, through many ways of healing and relaxing, through the choices of beauty and body care. Coming to spa, you can also soak your body in the warm and fragrant Jacuzzi pool with the glistening candles or view of the sky or the sunshine through lines of trees. All of spa products are made from environmentally- friendly and natural ingredients.

With GM Doc Let Beach spa, you will get the energy balance of your body and soul, you seem to be sinking into another world, no sadness, no worry and let your soul enter the peaceful, relaxing place slowly and slowly….

 Please contact us for a complimentary spa consultation to help you customize your spa journey to suit your individual needs.